About the company:

 "Nadine Animato" Theater Dance Company was established in 2009 by choreographer Nadine Bommer in Rishon Lezion, Israel.

The company's dancers graduated from the "Nadine" dance academy, and were nurtured for years by Bommer herself. 

The Company has a very different style which stands out within the Israeli dance scene, and practically introduces a new and unique genre of movement to the world of theater-dance.

The name “Animato” is taken from the word Animation, which is a strong inspiration to Bommer’s choreographies. The influence of animation expresses through unique and direct rhythms, angles and humor. 

The Company uses a movement language called – “Kinetica”, which was developed by Bommer. It was inspired by sea and the kinetic energy (the energy of movement in space). This unique language is based on the sensation of kinetic energy, which leads to a floating, watery and shapeless movement that later connects with Bommer’s imaginary characters and situations.

The result is “Animato”: diverse characters who tell a story in vibrant movement, which symbiotically combines the worlds of dance, theater and pantomime, while casting in contents of animation and humor. The dancers in the company are not only technical instruments, but complete worlds of sensations, images and facial mimes, making each of them on their own a fascinating single-performance.

The unique nature of the Animato dance produces an extraordinary energy on stage, authenticity and exciting totality to characters and situations – something that distinguishes Nadine Animato’s dancers and characterizes Bommers’ choreographies. The total belief of the dancers in their characters and situations, causes the audience to experience with them the moments of truth that occur on stage, which explains the viewers’ direct connection to the Company’s creations.