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Program for Dancers

Program for Dancers

Nadine Animato Program for Dancers
Learn the unique, award winning method “ANIMATO” by the developer and choreographer Nadine Bommer in Israel!
“Nadine Animato” opens its doors and invites you to a unique artistic learning experience that combines movement workshops at the beach, alongside studio training in expert control at expression and presentation. The program is designed for professionally trained local and international dancers, ages 16-24.
In the program
- The program is based on the Nadine Animato dance Method.
- Alongside the method the dancers are enriched by various classes such as: Classical ballet, Composition, Company’s Repertoire classes and more.
- Special events: large performances program, conventions and dance events thru out the year.
The method
The Nadine Animato technique consists of 3 stages that combine to create the complete Animato Dancer:

A. N.B.T – Nadine Bommer Technique
Strengthening the Classical technique of the dancer, but from another perspective.
Bommer takes dancers into the world of senses and imagination, and teaches them through innovative technical work to feel and navigate the muscles of their body to a stable and balanced place in space, with maximum experience minimum effort.

B. Kinetica – the movement language
Inspired by the sea and the Kinetic Energy, Bommer discovered her unique movement language called “Kinetica”. Using a special technique of experiencing the kinetic energy in space, the dancer learns to reach with the sea elements a state of “shapeless body”. “Kinetica” technique gives the dancers endless and fascinating individual movement language.

C. Animato– artistic creativity
At this stage, the dancers advance to Nadine Bommer’s method of creation: the “Animato”. In order to maximize the experience of movement, Bommer creates different characters and situations that challenge the dancers to expressive and artistic creativity. At the base of this stage lay totality and faith which produce an authentic, extraordinary on-stage energy which distinguishes and characterizes the Nadine Animato dancers and choreography.
Professional staff: Nadine Bommer - Founder of the Animato Technique, Nadine Animato Dancers from past and present, and guest teachers.

What do you gain?
- A chance to learn the Nadine Animato Technique from its’ original developer Nadine Bommer in Israel.
- Individual and personal language development.
- Providing Contemporary Company auditions preparation.
- Acquiring creative and unique tools to the world of choreography and dance.
- Training program that will elevate your technical and expressional abilities.
- Simulating professional Company work as preparation for dancing career.
- Preparations for the “Nadine Animato” Company auditions.
The program is biennial, starts every year in October.  

Classes take place five days a week between the hours 9:00 to 16:00.
At the end of each academic year Auditions are held for the “Nadine Animato Ensemble”.
We invite you to be among the generations of successful Animato dancers who stand out with their dancing careers and are in high demand as teachers and dancers.

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