From the Press

From the Press

What the Critics say:

"…Nadine Bommer is one of the most interesting choreographers
 - whom you don't know…Bommer brings onto the stage a group of
 talented dancers who do a great job demonstrating the movement
-language which Nadine spent years carefully developing…"
(City Mouse)

"…An excellent group of dancers. Each one brings a unique
 personality onto the stage, and successfully personifies the
 character assigned to him, with a lot of daring."
(Tali Machlaw, the City)

"…It looks like Nadine Bommer is doing it again. In her special
 way, she breaks all the rules of the game as we know it, and
 offers a different stage language – extraordinary and ingenious…"
(Ha'aretz - galary)

"Nadine Bommer's utter and focused devotion to her art deserves
 special mention. It is what drives her to work and create
 ceaselessly and ultimately attain her remarkable and professional
 achievements in the realm of creative dance."
(Israel Festival)

"…the uniforms, the choreography and the music of the Ween
 Brothers, were made into a wonderful slideshow of an enrapturing
 emotional whirlwind with almost no restraints. Hovering in the
 air was the enchanting feeling that here, anything can be, that
 there's nothing that can't happen... It's just – how should I put
 it – moving. It looks like Nadine Bommer is doing it once again.
 In her special way, she breaks all the rules of the game as we
 know it, offering a different stage language - extraordinary and
(Neto Art Magazine)

"…a work, the crown of theatrical comedy, neither completely human
 nor completely animated, which only top performers can embrace
 while still clinging to life...
Precise body movements, excellent acting and a pure theatrical
 soul, make this work a unique opportunity to experience theater,
 stage and dance in a single breath, or really…breathlessly.
Once Nadine...forever Nadine.
Anyone familiar with Nadine Bommer, one of the most impressive
 composers in the local dance districts, knows that the
 professional and complex choreography, so typical of her, is
 performed with great speed and remarkable precision, making it
 absolutely breathtaking.
But despite Nadine's distinct and familiar personality, her work
 – the American Theater – was a patently surprising and unexpected
 piece of work, skillfully dancing back and forth from the
 incomprehensible to the incredible, leaving behind a red-eyed and
 open-mouthed audience, moved beyond anything…
American Theater is the theatrical dance comedy of a composer
 possessing a keen understanding of the stage, bringing to light a
 variety of figures, marionette and human, who enter the theater
 in two shifts, and seem to watch a movie… "
(Neto Art Magazine)

"I was very surprised to find a dance group of such high
 professional and choreographic standards in Israel. The
 performance was really well done…"
(Ron Ben Yishai)

"Bommer makes sure to touch up the minutest details with a
 professional finish. Her work is done with the utmost
 professionalism. The dance is so harmonic, aesthetically
 appealing…like a statue of perfection…"
(Ruth Eshel - Ha'aretz)

"Nadine Bommer is a source pride to the town of Rishon LeZion…"
(Eli Pollack - CEO of the city company)

"Nadine Bommer trained and produced highly professional dancers
 who are infinitely devoted to the art of dance. They possess
excellent techniques, stage-presence, and a flair for self expression…"
(Rachel Bilsky Cohen - artistic director - Israel Festival)

"…The audience reaction was laughter, excitement, bursting in applause,
 revealing a form of dance never before presented to them.
Director and choreographer Nadine Bommer makes use of originality and Humor…"
(PhD Constantin Chiriac, Director - Sibiu International Theatre Festival)