The Academy

The Academy

 Nadine Bommer's National Dance Academy is a center of higher learning for the study of dance, counted among the most internationally successful academies. The academy operates in the framework of the choreographers' non-profit organization, with the recognition and support of the Israel Ministry of Culture and Sport (since 2007).


Nadine Bommer founded the Academy in 1994 with the goal of training, educating and producing dancers/dance culture artists to enhance the Nadine Bommer Dance Company, as well as other professional dance groups in Israel and worldwide. 
Nadine Bommer's unique movement language –  Kintika, is taught at the academy. The method is based on the dancers' various stages of development and the different abilities they possess at different ages, and aims to produce top notch dancers. This innovative method also provides the dancers with a good technical basis for dealing with every type of dance.


A team of senior teachers from Israel and abroad lend a special splash of color to the various classes taught at the academy, regardless of their level.


The academy's evident high standards, along with the technical, virtuosic, expressive and creative abilities demonstrated by its students, set it apart from the other dance schools in Israel and abroad. The technique's winning results are its greatest advocates.

"I established Nadine's National Academy of Dance with the goal of imparting my method of dance to talented dance students who devote all of their time and energy to the world of creative dance, and providing them with a home as well as a professional forum. These students' hard work, their successes, and their passionate love for the art of dance, are an invigorating source of pleasure to me." 
Nadine Bommer.


The Academy year program:
The "Nadine Animato" method is divided into 3 parts when combined together create the complete Animato Dancer:
N.B.T – Nadine Bommer Technique
Kinetics –
the language of movement
Animato– Artistic creativity

While learning the "Nadine Animato" method, the students study classical ballet classes, modern dance, composition classes and the company's repertoire.
Students also take part in performances, dance conventions and events throughout the country all year round.
The Academy students stand out and differ from others in their high level of technical abilities, expressive and creativity.

About the events

The "Nadine Animato" Dance Convention for Young Choreographers:
The dance convention, founded by Nadine Bommer and Ziv Yemini, takes place each year during the Passover holiday in Kibbutz Sdot Yam in Israel.
The convention combines art, expression, nature inspiration, creative work and sharing ideas, while also enjoying the beauty of the sea-shore.
The participant dance groups come from various leading schools in the country, and are exposed to the “Nadine Animato” Dance method while meeting in person the company's dancers.
The Students' formation at the "Nadine" method includes classes, indoor studio and outdoor kinetics workshops and 'aqua dance' workshops at the beach.
During the second part of the convention, students present their own choreographies and the selected works
receive the honored opportunity to perform at the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv.
The most outstanding works are also sent to international dance conventions in Europe.

Eilat Dance Convention
The original and professional Dance Convention
takes place each year, since 2004, in the city of Eilat during the Hanukkah holiday.

The convention is designated for dancers (from age 11 up to adults) who come from all over the country, who are then divided into groups based on age and performance levels.
The participants enjoy a variety of dance styles such as Jazz, hip-hop, classical ballet, modern dance, contemporary, lyrical and others.
In addition, students are exposed to repertoire workshops of leading companies such as the BatSheva Dance Company, the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, Barak Marshall, Nadine Animato Dance Company, Mayumana and others...
Every year there are performances displayed by the various dance studios who participate in the event. This is an important educational
experience and a major exposure for the students.
All participants are given the opportunity to perform, while also watching each other perform as well.


-          Studio performances

-          Outdoor performances

-          Young choreographers' convention performance

-          End of Year Performance


Awards and Recognitions

Each year the academy's student participate in international competitions, exhibit high professional level that differentiates them from their peers, highlighted by their creativity, technical and expressive capabilities, which bring them multiple awards and recognitions.



First place for performance and choreography in Freiburg festival, Germany with  the piece 'The Chase'


Second place in an international competition on performance and choreography Freiburg Festival, Germany with the work 'The Widow'.


First place for performance and choreography in Freiburg festival, Germany with the work 'White Gifts'


First place in the European championship, Florence Festival, Italy with the work "Ostrich Policy" and third place with the work "Fasten your Seatbelts".


First place in the European championship, Florence Festival, Italy with the work "Invalide"


First place in the European championship, Florence Festival, Italy with the work "Twister"


Honorary award on creation and performance on the behalf of Balleto di Toscana Florence, Italy on the work "Bordeaux" (from 70 countries competing)


First place by Opus Ballet, Italy with the work "Candy Man" and second place with the piece "Orchestra"


First place in the modern dance category, Florence festival, Italy with the work "Sunday Morning", first place in Contemporary Dance with the work "Bus-Stop"


Honorary award for choreography and performance by the Balleto di Toscana on the work "Bus-Stop".


First place in the European championship, Florence Festival, Italy with the work "Carrier Pigeons"

Honorary award for choreography and performance by the Balleto di Toscana on work "The Bachelorette"



The excellent program for young dancers

 Excellent students between the ages 10-12 have been carefully selected, after receiving the opportunity to take the dream one step further and follow the success of Gaya Bommer Yemini.
The Students enter an intensive program in which they accumulate various experience and exposure to ballet, modern dance, Kinetics, and various classes taught using the “Nadine” method In order to integrate into the international dance community from an early age.
These days, the students are preparing for the European dance competition, and hope to further bring dignity and admiration to the state of Israel, while furthering Gaya’s legacy.


Video of a performance of the Academy