Gaya Bommer

Gaya Bommer

Gaya Bommer-Yemini was already exposed to the world of dance while attached to her choreographer mother's (Nadine Bommer) womb.

Born to the owners of a distinguished dancing academy, little Gaya, at the age of four, was already watching dancing lessons at the studio.

Very soon after Gaya started to take dance classes, her parents noticed her outstanding talent and the little 'prodigy' began to perform in front of wide audiences. There were no doubt about Gaya Bommer's stage abilities, her star-like quality and the energy she radiated was uncontestable.

At the age of ten, Gaya took daily private lessons with her mother (Nadine) and also with other renowned Israeli ballet teachers, amongst them Rose Sobol and Jay Allen Augen. Already back then, Gaya demanded her parents to let her try her dancing beyond the limits of her own country and very soon she opened her carrier to the world.

Already at the age of eleven, Gaya participated in the famous, international YAGP Competition in New York. Every year, 5,000 contestants take part in this exclusive competition. Gaya was the first Israeli contestant to compete ever at this event and she came in third in the ballet and modern category (with the piece "Wild Horses", which was made by her mother Nadine Bommer).

During the competition Gaya was acknowledged by the film director Bess Kargman who offered her a star role in her film – "First Position". The film documentary portrays the seven youngest and most prominent dancers that participated in the YAGP contest and focuses on their achievements during the competition. This movie had a huge public success and Gaya sat amongst thousands of admirers at the Grand Premiere screening of the movie in New York.

The very same year, Gaya worked daily with her mother Nadine practicing the "Nadine" method on a new "Animato" choreography, towards the next competition. 

A year later, in 2011, Gaya Bommer participated again in the YAGP Contest. She competed among the best young finalists and this time came in first in the modern dance category with "Cartoon Girl" choreographed by Nadine Bommer. 

 These achievements granted Gaya international recognition in the New York Times magazine and appeared its website:

"… Gaya Bommer Yemini showed a vivid individuality and a talent for comic timing in Nadine Bommer’s overly cute “Cartoon Girl”."

At the end of the competition, the most prominent dancers are offered desirable scholarship at the most successful academies around the world. Gaya received many offers from various schools, amongst them the acclaimed 'Academie Princess Grace de Danse Classique' dancing academy of Monaco. Gaya is now at her second year of dancing formation in this prolific school.

During the two years of Gaya's scholarship at the Princess Grace Dance Academy, the young dancer has been invited to the stage during various important events. Gaya performed "Cartoon Girl" and an additional piece named "Maestro", choreographed especially for this performance by Nadine Bommer. The same year, out of all Princess Grace Academy students, Gaya was chosen for the role of "Bambi" in the "Kill Bambi" ballet by the professional Dance Company of Monaco.

Currently, Gaya Bommer-Yemini continues her hard work and is evolving in to a fine ballet and modern dance performer. Her outstanding talent and passion for dancing represent the best of the "Animato" method. Gaya Bommer represents a fascinating interpretation of this innovative technique throughout its uniqueness and its powerful sense of humor. 

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