Worldwide: After a seccessful tour in Nuremberg. the company are haded to a big dance festival in Prague March 24th-28th


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Animato Method

Animato Method

The Animato Method was developed by Choreographer Mrs. Nadine Bommer Yemini. Bommer uses the technique in her choreographies for the Nadine Animato Dance Company.

The method is learned at the Nadine Bommer Academy of Dance and at the two year "Animato for Dancers Program", by Nadine Bommer and teachers who were trained by her to teach it.

The Nadine Animato Movement Method consists of 3 parts that combine to create the complete Animato Dancer:

Step one: N.B.T – "Nadine Bommer Technique":

Strengthening the Classical technique of the dancer, but from another perspective.

Bommer takes dancers into the world of senses and imagination, and teaches them through innovative technical work to feel and navigate the muscles of their body to a stable and optimum place in the space, with maximum experience - minimum effort.

Step two: "Kinetics" – the movement language by Nadine Bommer – Inspired by the sea and the Kinetic Energy:

Bommer discovered her unique movement language with the inspiration of the sea and the Kinetic energy (Energy of a body, affected by its mass and speed in space). The sea symbolizes the body of the dancer, while the kinetic energy represents the wind moving the sea waters. Using a special technique of listening to the kinetic energy inside and out, the dancer learns to reach a state of "loss of body shape" and transform into a molecular tool that breaks down and changes shape according to the energy – at any given moment.

Controlling the "Kinetics" language allows the dancer to "draw" and illustrate the movement of the energy in space with his body, and to become a dancer and a creator who uses an individual movement language, endless and fascinating.

Step three: "Animato" – Characters tell a story in movement ("Kinetics"):

At this stage, the dancers, familiar with the NBT and the Kinetics language, advance to Nadine Bommer's method of creation: the "Animato".

In order to maximize the experience of movement, Bommer creates different characters and situations that challenge the dancers to expressive and artistic creativity that combines the worlds of theater, pantomime, film and animation.

At the base of this stage lay totality and faith – the dancers acquire tools that guide them to believe without any fear or doubt that they are the character living the situation at that moment. This creates an instinctive movement that enlarges the kinetic language, and produces an authentic, extraordinary on-stage energy which distinguishes and characterizes the Nadine Animato dancers.